Giving in
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2001-09-26 19:43:29 (UTC)

more stuff

hello again, i will continue my story. randy and i decide
to go steal some wood. as we approach the house, we both
start to feel a little uncomfortable about stealing wood.
there were a couple cars in the driveway, so we decided
that we would offer them a quarter for each piece of wood.
we knock on the door for like five minutes and noone
answers. i didn't want to take wood in case they were home
and just dudnae want to answer their we start
walking to another house when i realize that my wallet
isn't in my back i go back to my car to look for
it, hoping that it simply fell out of my pocket while i was
driving. it is not there at all and i start to panic,
meanwhile randy decides that he is going to teal some wood
from the first house we went to, so he leaves. i continue
looking around my car and am getting frustrated. randy
comes backing with no wood and he is eating an apple. i
glance at him with a questioning look. and he explains
that he pussied out and saw an apple tree on the way back
and took an apple. at that moment molly comes out and
talks to us and we ask her if she wants to come to the dam
that evening fir randy's party. she says her friend is
comming over and they might stop by. we're like ok, we
have t go get kishan now but we'll see ya in a bit. so we
leave for the train station to get kishan. when we get
there he isn't there at all, we wait for a little then we
go to the acme to get some food and drinks. we got some
soda and randy got some robbitussin. we go to the seven
eleven to get cigarettes and red bull then go to the dam.
we meet jared ther and he helps us carry wood and stuff
down to the dam. to our surprise kishan is already at the
dam waiting for us. we drop everything and i leave to go
get devon, who was home from work at this point. i get her
and to my utter relief my wallet was in my room at her
house, which was good cause i had like a hundred dollars in
it. allright i have to go again...i'll continue later