Ordinary world?
2001-09-26 18:54:59 (UTC)


I feel all kinds of mixed up ways. All kinds of emotions.
But i think i'm pretty lucky. I listen to what other poeple
go through. One girl just got married, less than a year,
has a baby, and the husband could care less, he abuses her
emotionally and physically. another, finance is in the
special reserve, so she does not even know if the're gonna
get married, considering whats happening in the world right
now. and yet another has problems with her inlaws and
finances. so considering, i have no probelms what so ever.
wish it could feel that way though. but as they say you
don't get what you can't handle. i think i'm handling
pretty well.

one of my friends is getting married soon, i got them this
chime, made out of sea shells, from the pillipiens. its
very beautiful, i hope they like it. and yesterday was my
aunts birthday, she used to babysit me when i was, well a
baby. i love her. just that when people get old, they get
lonely. none of her kids were there. they did not even do
anything special for her. thats my moms sister. we got her
flowers and had dinner there. it was nice the three of us.
i know she loves me, even though i show her attitude
sometimes. she always calls me her beautiful neice.
sometimes things like that are nice to hear. makes me