the blue period

Spanning Time
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2001-09-26 18:40:31 (UTC)

to hell with anger management

So I'm back at work. Bleh! Had a bit to drink last night,
and got a little nutty with the webcam. Fun stuff. To
think that I made fun of Ryan for messin with that thing.
It's been an interesting past couple days. The question
is, how cynical can Josh get. Reality is a bitch. Oh well,
I'd rather see things for how they are. Gonna be 26
tomorrow. That's all I need. Another reminder of how old I
am, and how little I've done. Woo hoo. Well, at least I
went on tour this year. Not everyone can say they've done
that. Hopefully there'll be at least a few more campground
road trips. I actually miss buying lunch from gas
stations, and driving so long that I lost my depth
perception. Lightening storms in Utah, rain in Florida,
sleeping in Wal Mart parking lots, the Scaries in North
Carolina, Time Out in North Carolina, bars named Hell,
beaches in Georgia, campgrounds in New Hampshire, subways
in New York, libraries across the country(especially Little
Rock), shows with Miracle of 86, record stores, and on and
on. It sucks being home, and it really sucks not having a
permanent drummer. I can't believe that some bands
actually don't tour. They're either stupid, or a bunch of
babies. I guess there's that whole priorities and
responsibilities issue, but screw those, you only get to
live once. Alright, well, I'm done whining. Todays
recommendation is "Larger Than Life", a great movie
starring Bill Murray and a hilarious Matthew Maconaghey.
It's destined to be a classic.

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