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Mad Ramblings From a Blithering Idiot
2001-09-26 18:35:03 (UTC)

Synthetic Endorphin Binge

I had the day off yesterday. What sucked is that I
had to go back to work to buy a few things. I bought M a
footer and a slushy which made her happy, since I didn't
want to go try on formal gowns for her Snowflake with her.
Then I went home and took Tenacious D(inah) for a walk.
That did not help the situation at all, because she was
just as hyper and misbehaving as she'd been all day.

After supper, I kept feeling the worst cravings for
chocolate. And not M&M's or Snickers, but chocolate cake.
I mentioned it to my mom, and she confessed that she felt
the same way. So after That 70's Show (which I must admit
I love), I headed to the grocery for some snacky cakes.
Thank heavens for those automatic-you-check-yourself-out-
register-doohickies. When I got home, my mother, sisters,
and I pigged out. I consumed an unmentionable amount of
Little Debbies last night. But they satisfied an empty
part of me, I must admit. Too bad I don't have someONE
instead of fattening squares of chocaliciousness to make me
feel good. Damn, I wish SN would hurry up already, if he
ever liked me at all, that is. KA told me yesterday (I got
to talk to him again-yay!) that "For blokes, it can take a
long time. Sometimes we need a kick in the arse."'s all I can do at this point. All in all, it was
a nice, if unproductive, day. I did get to wear my great
new sweater, though.

I was thinking the other day and I really wish I could
play an instrument or have a cool singing voice. I want to
be in a band. It's funny, all of a sudden a name for a
band popped in my head, and it's what I might call my
fictional band that I'm the fictional guitarist for...Aural
Manna. A little egotistical, maybe, but it struck a chord
for me. Heh, puns. Seriously, it did. And my fictional
first album would be entitled "Epistles to the Soul". I
think that title sounds a little too christian-rockish, but
I don't care at this point. Perhaps three days from now
I'll hate both names, but it's today that counts. I don't
know what kind of music I'd play. It would have to be
either have a Pink Floyd/Radiohead/Beta Band vibe or a more
heavy blues influenced rock like Led Zep or the Stones.
I'm not a punk, metal, or poppy rock person after all. I dunno,
it's all in my imagination, anyway, so it doesn't really
matter. And there is no life I know that compares with pure

Anyhoo, until next time I'll remain the rocker at