my manic world
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2001-02-25 06:24:21 (UTC)

i had an okay day today, well,..

i had an okay day today, well, not okay, but close. i was
a bit happier later on in the day. she came and got me
from work so we could hang out. we had wonderful lesbian
sex. hahahaha, can i say that on here??? oh well,
hahhahahaha. not that i'm really laughing, i haven't
really laughed in awhile. i was sad today off and on, she
noticed and questioned why i looked down. what was i
suppose to say? i'm sad because i'm going to die?? i
didn't know what to tell her, so i just kind of sat there.
she always asks whats wrong, most of the time i have no0
answer, at least one i feel is acceptable to give. i'm
home now, and its 12:30, way too early too be home, but i
definately don't feel very social. dreams await me, so i
must be off...

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