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2001-09-26 18:23:04 (UTC)

Poem Snow

I dream of snow
Falling outside my window
Waking me from a long deep sleep
In the middle of a cold winter freeze
From the warmth of my room
I watch it's down flow
Lifted by currents
The gentle snow
Rises and falls
In swirls, in limbo
Come out and play
Don't be afraid
Feel the black velvet night
See the stars twinkling bright
And dance with us under the moon
Forget the cold's sting
Dance and sing
Once again, like the child you know

Throw off your robe
Plunge into the cold
And be gently warmed
By blankets of snow
Let echos of laughter drift happliy snowbound
And proudly take up your snow flaked crown
Let the purest of covers wrap 'round memories
Full of winters, springs, summers, and falls
The loves that have all come and gone
What was and could have been, you see
Has already fallen
And now gathers gracefully
Swirling around me
Even as winter's dreams close my eyes
And one hand holds the other
I taste the kiss of each snowflake
Melting from my thirsty lips
With recollection of each voice and face
Each exciting embrace, every kiss
Distilled into pure white snowflakes
I believe winter is warmer now
Than all of the seasons I have known
For even as gentle fingers of frozen fir boughs
Heavy laden, contemplating
Point to me from forested shadows
I know it is time to go
S. Settles