I Am The Jack Of Diamonds
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2001-09-26 17:12:01 (UTC)

Play by Play : Sept 26 2001

In the middle of a realy great game - 24 (me) / 17 / 26 / 37

So while i'm still keeping some high hearts and passing a
heart to prevent other from shooting the moon, i'm trying
to focus on taking as few tricks as possible. So far, it
seems to have improved my play - i'm taking a lot fewer
queen of spades this game.

Just finished another round - i'm still in it!

29 (me) / 34 / 30 / 37

Damn! Someone allowed another player to shoot ther moon
because they played their king of hearts when the shooter
played his Ace. I lost that game. It's frustrating when
other players make dumb mistakes and allow others to win,
and make me want to play in the intermediate groups. But my
record reassures me that i'm not ready to face the good
players yet.

My last game now - going for the first win of the day:

9 (me) / 48 / 7 /40

I was dealt a decent hand... I can do this...

Someone just gave the person with 7 points the queen of
spades!! Yes!!!

13 (me!!!) / 50 / 20 / 47

On that note, I better finish for the day.

rating: 1453
10 wins (17%)
48 losses (83%)