enter my train of thought
2003-02-18 22:49:53 (UTC)

snow snow snow

actually, a more appropriate title would probly be "ice ice
ice" but oh well.

i love snow! i was complaining about being bored and all,
but i'm sooo glad we don't have school tomorrow! yipee
another snow day!

so...i have done like absolutely nothing this weekend. we
didn't even go to church! that's a first.

on saturday i watched a disney movie marathon with my
little sister...lilo and stitch, lion king 2, mulan...then
at night me and la familia watched my big fat greek
wedding. it wasn't the greatest movie in the world as some
people seem to think, but still, it was funny.

then sunday, as i said, we didn't go to church, but we
still had a brunch. then we played a game, as a family!
whoo-hoo! then again, as a family, we all went out and
cleaned off the cars in case we needed to go somewhere. or
wait, was cleaning off the car on monday? ahhh all these
days are running together!

well, i gotta go help make dinner...but i'll probly be back
complaining of boredom tomorrow, never fear.

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