whats on my mind?
2001-09-26 17:00:03 (UTC)

is he the right one finally?

the one question that every girl asks their selfs is: "is
this guy the right one for me?" i kindly leaned towards
this question when i am meet a great guy named charlie.
now, i understand that i am 3/4 scottish/irish and the rest
is mexican and charlie is 100%chinese. i look like 100%
american with fare skin and hazel eyes with a tindge of
orange sprinkled in. normally, i only date white males(not
to be racists but i think alot of people feel to stay in
your own culture background....i can't speak for anyone but
me)...i tippy-toed over the line and decided to give
charlie a try...to tell you the truth he looks american as
i do. and thats kewl too. he is maybe the sweetest guy i
have ver met and he knows how to treat girls right...as far
as i have seen.:0) anyways, the main thing i try to look out for is
how they treat their moms then you have an idea of what their like
thats all. i think charlie and i have fun times together but i am
still not real sure on whether or not if i like him as a friend or as
more....thats the choice i have to make. i will see him friday
(9/28/01) and sunday (9/30/01) and stay tuned to see what happens.....
thanks for your time