Squeeb's world
2001-09-26 16:31:50 (UTC)

Trade him and die!

Ok, I'm on a semi-half high. Reports today said that Kurtis
is back in town for an overage season with the Petes so I'm
all like screaming and sooooo excited. Wouldn't that be
cool?! And my whole thing is- if they name him Captain I
will be ecstatic. However I don't even know if they've
named a captain yet. Ok so I'm on this super high and I go
to school and Missy tells me that yeah, he's back but he
might get traded?! I'm like "No, no no! I just got him back!
You're not taking him away AGAIN!" Apparently there's a
rumour that he'll be traded to his brother's team and yeah,
even though that is cool, no! I want him here. And then I'm
like "Hel-lo! Why would they trade their best player to a
team that is always in direct competition with them for
playoff positioning? That makes no sense. So hopefully it's
just a crazy rumour. I want him here. Ok, so I know we still
have the whole 4 overager bit thing happening so we've gotta
get rid of one of them but still- it doesn't need to be
Kurtis. I don't think I can handle losing him again. No, I
think I'd freak or something. I know it sounds silly but
still. Kurtis is a PETE and that's the way it should stay!

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