Reality Bites
2001-09-26 16:29:29 (UTC)

Wrong numbers&hot's only 9:30

I got woken up this morning at 6:15 by my phone ringing &
when I answered it, it was a wrong number. That's always
fun lol. I couldn't fall back to sleep so I got up and went
to make tea. No one was home cause my sister and mom were
already at work. Anyways, I'm in my cheer sweats and a
Sonics Jersey, so basically lookin' stylin as can be,
right?! haha. So I'm making tea and someone knocks on my
door. Im thinkin' its my cousin or something cause people
are always in & out of my house, so I answer the door. OH
NO, no no no, that's no cousin of mine, in fact it's 2 HOT
fireman, and 3 HOT paramedics! Alright, what else could
possibly top this right?! So they're like, "You're neighbor
used his life alert button to call us, nothing's really
wrong with him, he fell out of his chair, but he's fine.
No one's home, do you know where we can reach his family?"
Ok, I'm laughing my ass of right now, and these guys can't
even say it with a straight face. My neighbor's like 100
yrs. old, I'm serious! He's gotta be the meanest person
I've met in my life. Last Halloween, he threw candy at
little kids, this guy's like SO mean. So I burst out
laughing cause 5 of the hottest guys I've seen quite
possibly EVER are at my door and I look like the biggest
scrub, plus, I have this picture in my head of Virgil using
his life alert button like on the WHAT A
MORNING!! So what the hell am I supposed to do, I need to
look for these numbers, and these guys are at my door, and
all I really want is my tea! What do I do? Well of
course...I invite them in for tea and english muffins! lol.
The best breakfast of my life!! I'll write more later cause
It's only 9:30.:)