2003-02-18 21:59:25 (UTC)

10 MORE DAYS.......

I'm so ready for spring break....just spring in general.
This past weekend was our Homecoming.....not too much to
say about it though. I mean, I had a good time w/ the lil
events they had. The game was pretty good, despite the fact
that we lost. But hey, you can't win every game. At least I
got a chance to see #1 do his thing, although that wasn't
really all that great either. He still is a sexy beast! I'm
suppose to be going home this weekend coming up. It wasn't
my idea, Jennifer wants to see how M'ville is. More power
to her. But honestly, I do feel the need to go home a
little. You can only be in the fast lane for so long and
want to take a break from it. I have 10 more days until my
birthday and spring break. I know after spring break the
rest of the semester will fly by. I'm so ready for it to
take flight. I mean, this semester is cool, but I'm ready
to be a sophomore and have that one year under my belt.
Whateva though.....I guess I'll get dressed now.-xoxo