Steve L

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2003-02-18 21:48:02 (UTC)

ppl are fucked up

Ok, I have been alright for about the past week, atleast thats
what it seemed like. There is a girl that I dated, which now I look
back on, I wish I never thought of dating her if I new
this shit was going to happen. I hate her now, she disrespected
me, and hurt me. She plays mind games, which I hate. She also
ignores me, which is one thing that makes me mad. I hate
it when people do that to me, I can't stand it. If u read
this Lizzie, this is how u disrespected me. By making me feel
bad when I said I did not want to be ur friend for a couple
of days. You said that it had hurt you so I tried being friends and
then you turn your back on me and ignore me. You do not talk to
me whatsoever. Any time I get online, you get off. I think you
must hate me for something but when you started that shit, you
pissed me off! I do not like that one bit, so all I have to say
is you're messed up. One more thing, I saw you today with that other
guy. All I have to say about that is don't do the same thing to him
as you did to me. That is wrong. You have a wierd way of showing how
you care about someone and then you just act like they're not even
there. You may think you're like other girls, you may dress
differently, but you are the same. Well I will be off now I
hope u have a good life. Ha! Well whatever kind if life you
want. Later you other ppl.

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