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2003-02-18 21:41:37 (UTC)

I will still Praise your name Father, dispite my struggles

I praise you Father still...even amongst my difficulties,
my trials, my hardships. Lord, you are my everything! I
will put all faith and trust in all of who you are, with
all that I am. You break me 2 mold me, my hurting makes me
run after you, Abba. Let me know that even when everyone
else has run out, you are running in. I need nothin' else
in this life, but you. Everyday that I live is because you
have breathed life into me for a specific purpose that day.
Lord let me never forget who you are, even when everything
in my life becomes distorted in my eyes, you will always be
you, Lord, and for that I thank you. I'm glad you are God
that is always 'I am" that you never change.

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