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2001-09-26 16:19:59 (UTC)


i noe its right dat i trust you
but seein u with any other girl gets me annoyed
i noe dis i have to deal myself
but i cant help but feel paranoid
(its just dat i love you...)

i feel dat u dont say i love you enough
but when u say it too often,
i feel that its no more special
(i get you confused..)

i say to myself it doesnt matter what i wear
you'll love me as i am
but when we go out,
i make sure i wear my best shirt and pants..
(i wanna look nice for ya...)

i like it when u hug me tight
but sometimes u cut off my air supply
but baby dear i'd die in your arms
its a sure ticket to elysium no lie...
(hug baby? squeeze!)

i like to go out with you, i like your company
but i noe in malls my antics are abit zany
i try to make you proud of me
but when the play techno songs, my hands they get crazy..
(im sorry daddy...)

im hoping youd do well and ace
in coming o's you'd get all A's
but sometimes i was dat book you hold
coz i like de way you read and slowly unfold..
(am i disturbin, dy?)

i like the way you tie your hair
i like to twirl de curls
i noe you hate it..
but baby can i dye it?
(i like. baby please?)

i like de way you rub my tummy
and de way you scratch my back
but it hurts when u say my pillows smelly..
too numb to counter attack
(say its wedgie nice smellin..)

so baby i think by now you shld catch my drift
if not youre a downright goblok
so pls dont mention no dian, nd or aida
or any goldilocks
(jeres. :P)

i noe it does not budge you one bit
if i go out with tom/dick/harry
sometimes it makes me feel as if you dont care
dat im nothing special or extraordinary
(baby.. i dont mean nothin to u?)

so i may not have de neatest room
i cant sing or dance for nuts
but you noe i'd do a jiggy for you
only if you turn down de lights

so baby please dont diss my senseless rhymes
des i say from de depths
and shld u take a bite or dare to laugh
honey.. i'll gif ya a slap~

love you honey.