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2003-02-18 21:03:13 (UTC)


what does "i love you" mean? does it mean that you love
someone because you love the way they treat you? or does
it mean that you love them because you are forced to? no..
i think that i love you means that I want to take care of
you for a long long time and just hold you and be near you
and kiss you. that is what i think i love you mean and i
want to say it to you, but i am scared. my previous
relationships were either based on looks or jelousy. but
not this one. I am with you because you make me laugh, i
can be myself and anything i want around you...you dont
care what i am wearing or that i dont have the things that
the "popular" girls have. you like me for me, and i love
that about you! I am also with you because you are so good
to me...no other guy has treated me the way you do... you
know what? even though we havent been together all that
long, i know we have something really special. through all
the teasing from the parents *:)* and friends, it doesnt
make me think any different about you! I love just being
with you....just being in your arms. everything seems to
stop when i am with you....Time seems to stand still, but
then it seems to go by way to fast! When i have a bad,
just thinking about that phone call i'll get or just to
read your letters makes everything so much better. So to
me "I love you" means i want to be with you and take care
of you for along long time. YOu probably wont read this
for a little while, but when you do, i hope you feel the
same way. Well, Love Me Lots and i miss you so much Allen
Mood: Missin Allen
Music: "I wanna love somebody like you"