The First 9 Months of Our Lives
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2001-09-26 15:52:27 (UTC)

Someone who enjoys beautiful music....

I was at the mall with my husband and my best
friend/roomie, M. We went into this store that has all
these neat gadgets in it--one of my favorite stores in the
mall. My favorite part of this store these
CD's that they have, that you can listen to....

I ran over to the display and started listening to Piano
Forte....As I put the headphones on--I was engulfed by this
beautiful eyes even teared up a little. It was
so beautiful!!!! I just couldn't believe it....I wished I
had some money sooo badly! I called my roomie over and
showed him the music---expecting the same reaction from
him...and he was like "'s cool" *very blazay*

Then my hubby came over wanting me to check out some
cordless headphones he is dying for---and I told! :) I'll be there in a little
bit..."hey...listen to this" I put the microphones
on...after much contest...and he said's pretty...

No it... It didn't touch them like it touched
me. Everyone always says I'm too old for my years--do you
have to be old to appreciate beautiful music? To enjoy
music without words? My sisters-in-law listen to the music
I enjoy and think are beautiful and say "OK....I'm going to
sleep now! This is depressing...can't we put in something
else!" I just stare in disbelief....they can't be hearing
what I'm hearing....

I guess...well, I know everyone is entitled to there own
taste....but where are the people who enjoy beautiful Enya...Iona.....or Piano I going
to have to wait until I'm 30-40 to find anyone who
appreciates what I do? :)

Just a thought...:) Life is going very well--I got
approved for medicaid through some miracle....They
originally lost my application and said I wasn't in there
computers---so, I got mad and made them let me talk to a
supervisor and he said he could approve me over the phone---
(or at least tell me if I would have gotten approved) and
when I told him all my info he said that we made 2,000 more
a year than we were allowed to and that I would have been
turned down anyway.

So, about 4 days later I get a letter in the mail saying
that I got approved for Medicaid!?!? Anyway, I called and
finally got them to confirm that I am approved for medicaid
and all I have to do is wait for my card to come in the
mail. Plus, they are going to back pay all of my E.R.
bills from when I thought I was having a miscarriage!

It's really a miracle--I don't know why they approved
me...and I'm not going to ask any questions! I have much
more to write about but....well, I am swomped at
work....and am felling---incredibly, and
pregnantly...lazy!!! So, I must at least stop doing this
so I can trudge forward and work........argg.......

:) God give me strength! Let me do my job as if I were
doing it for you....


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