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2003-02-18 19:33:30 (UTC)

GOD, can you hear me? cuz I went to school today

holy mother of shits on a stick made of crap and oreos i
finally went to school today! i stayed up all night like
a good boy and had no sleep just so i could get to
school...i almost missed my subway stop because i fell
asleep but that's ok...i made it...and i did my
spontaneous meeting and actually sounded like i knew what
the fuck was going on...i'm a bitch if there ever was a now its like 2:22 and im really tired and i
want to go to the gym and work out so im not flabby and
fatty but i don't feel like it...hmmm maybe i'll go eat
some food...hahaha oh no you dahlings who are i told jen saull and aimee the lesbian about
my phimosis...they were quite interested...they're like so
your foreskin doesn't let you see your penis head im like
nope...they're like go get that steroid cream now...hahaha
maybe i should go get it now and apply it and then
masturbate..hmmm...hahaha im telling jen about my phimosis
and all of a sudden she stops and shes like "omg tell me
you have a hickey on your neck?" we both started pissing
our pants so like omg im so embarrassed i feel
like grade 8...shes like "how the fuck did you get a
hickey you fucking whore, shes like you don't have a
boyfriend do you?" im like oh no just some guy shes like
what a slut...and then it reminded me of the who's the
boss episode wehre alyssa milano has a hickey and tony
danza finds out and they do the dance with her friend in
the room...hahaha good times good times...monica brought
home her baby picture from the niece or
nephew looks like an alien from outer outer space...hahaha
another alien just like me!...bring it on kirsten omg theres totally a hot exchange student from
WALES goddamnit in the theatre program and me and jo are
casting him because hes hot!!! and has an accent...omg
alex you would die...hes fucking gorgeous hot!! if hes gay
im raping him i don't i'll go to jail big
deal...i'll be the princess of jail...princess renzini...i
can redecorate and make friends with the bullies...ahh
those were the days...k kids im off to sleepers till 8 i
guess or maybe 7...i wanna go to body blast and blast my
fourth ass off but i don't know if im gonna wake up...uh
im betting most likely not...hahaha like seriously i know
me...and omg i think im pregnant...oh no that was just gas

good day and god bless...