A day in the life of a Keystoner
2001-09-26 14:42:56 (UTC)


It's really cold out today.Me and kelly went to sleep at 3
something this morning after going to the bank machine
because we're going to the mall with joe at 4ish...which
means i have to skip english again..oh well.Joe's been
really flirty..the OTHER joe keeps flirting too but i think
that he's just kidding around.I was walking back and i was
behind rob and joe and joe goes "where you going baby?" and
i said "im going back to sleep" and he goes "with me?" and
i looked at i dont know..I really should be doing
my homework for 2-d..i cant wait for 2-d..i really like
that class.I got an A on my color quiz..not too
all i have to do is stop not doing work for that class or
ill fail...I dont know what to do...Im still sick..I kinda
feel like going to see joe and stevo but i dont know i
think id feel weird...but i didnt feel weird when i went
the other day to see his girlfriend..joe is a cutie
though..but like any of this shit REALLY matters right? =o/
oh well.I have to get my mom a birthday gift..i took 40 out
of the bank...maybe ill go to sams club while we're at the
mall...fucking mayi has been up melissas ass...but i dont
know why i care..i really dont..maybe im jealous...of what
though?ugh im just being stupid.I'm in my room for a MAX of
an hour a day..i really should get some sleep...but i dont
think i can...unlike ROB..where he can just sleep when and
wherever...which reminds me...of yesterday when he was
waiting at my table for me =o) and he was by me throughout
the whole art meeting...but this is weird because im not
taking signs from him like i was with you think
that can mean something?? me and rob get along SO SO SO SO
well.hes always making me laugh..and he said besides meghan
(who is going out with jason) im the only cool girl
here..but im worried because i think joe told him that i
was a drug dealer..and im not and i tried to explain that
to him and hes like "why are you getting so defensive over
this?" so im a little mad at that..but i dont think he
believed joe anyway..Im trying to see if i can get a ride
home with dustin on friday..i really wanna go home and see
people..but my dads i dont know if i REALLY 100%
wanna go tired of thinking if i
should go to lunch not hungry..but rob will be
there..i know dinner he'll be there..i hope..unless he's
sleeping..maybe kelly will be awake by the time lunch rolls
around...yeah maybe that will work out..then she'll go to
whatever class and come back and we'll go to joes and he'll
take us to the mall...let's cross our fingers on that
one...I'll probably end up writing in here again because
its only 20 to 11 in the morning...and i know that lots of
shit will happen later so see ya later people.