Restless Comet Diary
2003-02-18 18:35:50 (UTC)


Wah what a day........i've been to school for 10
hours...3 extra psycho classes and 7 normal classes...
I'm so tired and my back hurts really bad.I was laughing
like crazy at the last class though.My deskmate Dana drew a
girl with such big eyes....she seemed drunk or
hypnotised...bwahahaha she had such a funny face.Thanks God
the teacher didn't examined me because I didn't really know
the lesson for today...Spooky math...:S
I dont want to sound weird but I have some really
strange feelings.I feel like somethings happening with some
persons and they don't want to tell me.Why don't people
understand that it's better to tell me the truth....A lie
hurts me more...
Nevertheless I'm ok,trying to put my thoughts in order
and settle my feelings....I keep on thinking and praying
and I know it's going to help me.
I've talked to Sean.....He is not serious,he talks to me
like I am some kind of freak and this is not fair....I'm
not..I'm his best student there,but he keeps on being
unfair.I'll just ignore it and don't get upset about
it...It's useless.If all my tears are useless and all the
anger is useless,then being upset or sad is useless too.
I've met Dan today,he came with us to the extra
classes.Bwahaha he was supposed to bring me some
information about the contests but he didn't...he
What else?My grannie has to give me money for the project
at school but she said she doesnt want to.Oh well I dont
have money to pay it by myself so she really has to give me
money I'll tell her,maybe she changed her mind.
Now I guess I'm gonna go home again and stare at my
ceiling hehe...Why am I so sad?Why?I used to pass over this
moments so fast,why can't I do it now?The truth is I really
need some help...but I dont know who to ask for it....My
mom told me I should help my grandma a bit...but I AM
helping her...what about me?Who's gonna help me??
I'm trying to relax a bit and think at nice things and
persons....maybe it'll work...Florin's too busy to listen
to me nowadays.His girlfriend is sick again.I'm sorry for
her...she's one of the nice girls here
My classmates are kind of strange.I never hesitate to
help them but every time I need a little help they would
never care about that.Well maybe this is their way to
be.....and maybe it's not my business..
I'll go on as I always do and everything will be just
fine.Life is like a song...if you dont know the lyrics it's
really hard to play it...
Tomorrow is a new day.Thanks God I dont have so many
classes again.I'll be on even earlier hehe...around 7 pm ...
I guess this is all......~~~