It's my life and I'll say and do
2001-09-26 14:05:34 (UTC)

Day two of a new week

I know I haven't written anything for awile, but that is
because my boyfriend and I had been arguing the past week
or so. Things are getting better now and we managed to
last a day without arguing (yippee). This weekend was fun
because I went on my mammalogy lab weekend. Cought some
really cute mice and tagged them. I did get bit twice by
the same mouse, but she didn't break the skin luckily. On
Saturday Chris (my boyfriend) and I went to Roanoke and
bought some stuff for our computers. Now I can give him
his hard drive back. Olive garden was for dinner that
night and it was yummy like always. As a side note,
Virginia Tech beat Rutgers 50-0...GO HOKIES!!! Okay back
to the weekend. Sunday wasn't that eventful. Got back
from lab and went to see Chris. Spent the entire evening
with him, but he did upset me some when he was flirting
online with all these other girls in my presence. Is
frusterating you know, when you are trying to feel better
and fix your relationship problems when he is flirting with
other girls in your presence. Oh well, made it through the
night and that is what matters. Monday I still wasn't
feeling too well, so I visited the health center and
discovered that I was sick...temp of 100.5, so no wonder I
wasn't feeling too well. But today I am feeling much
better and I think it helped that I had Chris to cuddle up
with me. He always makes me feel better no matter what
mood I am in. I did talk with Chris on Monday evening and
told him how I felt, and he seemed to understand where I
was comming from and that is better than before. Why can't
your boyfriend call you when you ask for it...or do sweet
things like buy you little somethings. I just don't
understand. :-/ Okay, I got my phone call that makes me
happy. I just wish that he would call me right away before
I had to ask him about 5 times. Sometimes I just don't
understand guys. If only they would do what we girls want
without being told or asked many times to do. Guys just
haven't been able to figure that out, and who knows if they
ever will figure it out. I love Chris!!! There isn't much
right now that I don't love about him. The best things are
what I don't have to ask for and that he does for me.
Thank you Chris for all that you have done for me from
whipping my butt into shape to loving me like no other guy
has loved me before.
Now back to all the work I have to complete before this
afternoon and study for my two tests tomorrow...It is not
going to be a fun day. :-(