REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-02-18 17:47:39 (UTC)

another day home

ahhh another day home. This is the life! eh..actually im
starting to get kinda bored. all ive been doing is chillin
on da comp or watching tv! AND I SHOULD BE OUTSIDE RUNNING
CAUSE I AM FAT!. annnnyyyywaaaaaaayyyyy... im soo bored.
thats why im writing in this thing. I dont wanna go out in
the snow plus theres nothing to do. You know what after im
done writing this i wanna go play some DDR. DDR is a
dancing game and its hott as hell. Its really fun. IM THE
BEST AT IT...not really but yeah im up there. My brother
can break dance on it its awsome. My brothers friend...his
name is johnny he came second in the NATION for playing
that. I have the video clip on my comp if anyone wants to
see it. its pretty cool. dude yestorday i went in the snow
like really late...it was bout 10 or sumin and i went in
wit my brothers and there was this really really huge
drift and me being reeda wanted to go in it, so i climbed
on it all the way to the top and i almost drownd in the
snow lmao! haha it was great. i couldnt get out cause
whenever i put my hand somewhere it would sink in when i
put pressure on it to get lolz it took my like 10 mins to
get outta that drift it was soo fun though. and then my
brothers took a shovel each and they pushed me into the
snow and they start like burying me in the snow and
everytime i tried to get up they would push me back down
haha it was funny but coold...i got snow down my shirt and
pants alot:-D ahhh school tomarrow! we got a game
against..i think...long branch...long branch or matawn its
home SO COME! and once again i hope he doesnt start me
lol..argh i dont wanna start! i like being prelims!:'(lol
im gonna go cause i dont know what else to write about. I
dont think anyone even reads my diary anyway

mad love