My Life at a Glance
2000-11-08 13:31:07 (UTC)

11-08-00 Well, it looks like..


Well, it looks like we have atleast 4 years of terrible, rotten
republicans. God help us all! I was extremely pissed, but what can
I do? I mean, I voted and that's the way the USA works. I genuinely
hope that Bush does a good job- I doubt it, but I hope. We have been
getting the house in tip top shape for visitors lately- it feels good
to get rid of some things we have stored for too long. There is
something nice about cleaning- even though it is a pain in the ass,
it is so nice to know that you can get rid of stuff. We have teacher
conferences today for both of the boys, so Kandra tells us last night
that CJ is failing Social Studies. I was shocked- we haven't really
heard anything else about it. Now, CJ is the sweetest boy you will
ever meet, but he does have a stubborn side that is equivilaent of a
mule. He is a really good boy though and I hope we can straighten
this out for him and get him back on track. Anyway, I have to go
clean- sorry so short!

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