Baby Doll563

2003-02-18 17:17:59 (UTC)

12:11 Just hanging around

Called Mum. She said I could go online and write here.
Thank God.
Vacation can be sooo boring. I swear. No ones around
today. I can't do anything else on the cpu except write in
my diary. Mum said I couldn't light candles. What is this?
My house or a prison? Well atleast I'm not loaded down
with chores. Dads knocked out.... maybe its the
antibiotics. If there wasn't snow up to my thighs maybe
I'd go for a long walk in the woods. Have Joe come and
meet me at the gravel pit or something. But no. I have to
live in Hickville, Maine where I open up the door and I've
got a snow drift higher than me there.
Me and Mal went to the mall yesterday. We saw Kayla but no
hott guys.... It was when we were standing in line for
Taco Bell when Mal pointed out a cutie sitting at a table.
He caught me looking and smiled at me. He had a nice smile