American Princess

Chaos in Our Every Day Lives
2001-09-26 11:24:40 (UTC)

and the Confusion Sets in Deeper...

Well I have about 15-20 minutes before I have to leave for
class, so I decided to b*tch a bit about some
things...hopefully it will relieve my back of some stress!
Mkay, well, the friend I was talking about earlier wasn't
online or around my dorm all fact I hadn't seen
him since last Wednesday so I figured he was ignoring me or
something cause he was pissed. Ironically enough he stopped
by my room yesterday and he had thought I was pissed with
him...guess we just kept missing each other. So anyways, he
was hungry and I went out to lunch with him and we had a
nice lunch. He was talking about the girl he was crushing on
and I was thinking "oh good, cause now it won't be akward
between us!" So we sat for awhile and it really was nice,
even if I HAD already eaten...then we get back to my room
and we were sitting on the couch and he lays his head on my
shoulder, which is fine with me...I don't really care about
that sort of thing, but it kinda caught me off guard. SO he
went to class and I went out with another friend (who is so
awesome and I had a lot of fun with, but that's another
story). Then later we made plans for me to come over and get
my movie back and chill for awhile at his apartment. I went
to my class that night and to my meeting, and then when I
came back he was online, so I asked him when he wanted me to
come over. He says, "oh well I'm going to have dinner with
some friends..." ARGH! I was like, ok fine whatever, I need
to go to sleep anyways. The thing with him is, he doesn't
even realize that he's DOING this shit!!! oops, I mean
stuff...He's completely oblivious, and I concluded last
night that I was no longer to make myself frustrated over
him, cause that's who he is and I'm not going to change
that. Besides, I don't have time or energy to waste ;) From
now on, if he wants a friendship, then he will be the first
to make the move...