My Little World
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2003-02-18 14:59:48 (UTC)


OMG......Yesterday was the best day of my whole entire life
yesterday!! Allen came and picked me up yesterday at like
8 cus i was going to his house for the day! the drive was
kinda long, but i loved it because the senary was so
beautiful and i got to spend it with him! When we got to
his house, I talked to Sue for a little and then we all got
dressed (his cousin's Shelley and Steven were there and so
was his friend Steve and his sisters Hanna and Katie) and
got on the snowmobeils and took their red sleds with us and
went to a really big hill. it was so much fun! They had
built a huge jump the day before and allen and steven went
down it and i mean they flew! it was soo funny! Ohhhhh i
had the best day! it was soooo much fun! I cant wait to
go back! I hope it is soon! i loved just being there with
him and hanging out with everyone! Yeah....so that was my
day....(not telling you people everything else that
happened because that is personal!) hehe! Lauren,
BLIZZARDS BABY! hahaha! well, i gatta go! buh bye!
Mood: happy but missin him
Music: none

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