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2003-02-18 14:33:06 (UTC)

18th February 2003

Ah ha! My first entry in the year 2003.

Brief updates:

I am STILL looking for a job. Will someone please employ
me? I am broke and I need to go shopping. Badly. I need a
new bikini. I got a bit more serious on my jobhunt last
week. I've been buying papers almost everyday to check out
the classifieds.

I am facing the drought season now. Nobody to love, and
nobody loves me. Oh well.. Fat and I are not seeing each
other anymore. I stopped contacting him totally. I was
thinking about it seriously, and contemplating the
possibility of the two of us having a serious relationship.
But we are always arguing. But its friendly arguing, not
those vicious kinds. And he's always doing all these stupid
things to irritate me. And he's always sick of me telling
him to stop doing it. And so i was thinking and thinking.
And then, this other fren tells me that he saw Fat and this
girl together. It was probably not a date at all, but it
was all I needed. I snapped back to reality and
immediately, all his faults overcame his plus points. And
we haven't been talking to each other for more than two
months now.

There is this other guy I've been going out with. I went
out with him out of boredom. But he turned out to be pretty
good company. We share pretty much the same interests, so
it has been nice talking to him. But I doubt anything is
going to blossom over there. There just isn't that sparkly
lovely feeling.

I'm scheduled to go on a trip. heheh. I'm going to MANADO!
It's in indonesia. And it's a diver's mecca. yippee! The
airline slashed the prices, and it was like a miracle, I
tell you. Is anyone going? I'm so excited at the thought of
my trip! *flip*

Maybe I should start packing now. I'm flying off on the
10th March, so let's see... 20 days more? I should start
writing down a "List of things to bring". And then I can
pack one item a day or something... And on the 10th, I'll
be all set and ready to go. heh.

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