2001-09-26 09:55:33 (UTC)

Noisy Encounter

He's passionate, intense, intelligent, disturbed, brooding,
and has two pairs of the same shoes, one old and one new.
I've always wanted to impress him, he's just one of those
damn cool people who I want to get to know, want his
approval somehow. And I'm beginning to think that I want
more than just approval from him. But that's not entirely
accurate, I don't want anything from him, I want to create
something with him. He's a music fiend, the first thing
that attracted me to him. Music is such a large part of my
life that I don't think that I could ever be close to
anyone who doens't also have a spiritual relationship with
music. But alas, he's completely head-over-heals, can't eat
or sleep, pining away the hours, jumping off a ledge in
love with another girl. It seems I always want the ones
that are somehow forbidden to me. Even though it seems that
he and this girl will never be lovers, and she lives
thousands of miles away, that piece of him can never belong
to another girl. Not that I want to be in that situation. I
never felt an instant connection with him, I don't think it
was meant to, or ever will be. And I'm not even sure I want
that. I think my attraction is more out of admiration and
lack of people to look up in my life. He's attractive
because I like the way he thinks, acts, lives, not
necessarily an attraction of romance, or relationship. But
no matter what happens, I made a really valuable friend