Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-02-18 13:50:17 (UTC)

Hey Welcome To My World

this is the first of many entries to my online
journal/diary. you are about to dive into the succluded
world of me.

Some know of me as Michael Lewis some as mick some as
pickles, donk, monkey and many other names.

I am an apprentice chef which is really great work some
times just gets a little tence at times stressful if you
may i just don't know what to say

lifes normally good i am horribly single and hating it. i
am the sort of person who gets horribly obcessed with
little ideas such as my latest videotaping myself doing
some of the most stupid and dangerous things thought
possible. this will most likely resemble jackass but
everyone needs a rolemodel.

thats it for today i think its time for bed have the early
shift in the morn hate it but some one has to do it..

signing off for today mick

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