Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-02-18 13:22:54 (UTC)

Today was a boring day

Today was so damn boring. I did practicly nothing. Just
nothing.. i mean.. pure boredom... painstaking bloody
boredom. Ok I think i've prolly got my point across that
today was boring. Today I pulled out of this fundraiser
that I was supposed to be doing an act for. I feel like a
deuchbag for doing it.. cos i just didn't prepare for it or
anything. But yeah it felt like a real relief to do it
anyway. A real weight off my shoulders. Phil is moving to
Gatton and I wanna hang out with him as much as possible
before he goes. Damn, he's my best mate. I'm gonna miss the
bloke a whole heap. Hmmm anyway.. yeah today was really
boring. Maybe tommorrow will be different. I'm listening to
Janes addiction, "Jane Says". Nice! I saw Jane's Addiction
at the Big Day Out. Heaps of people didn't know who they
were.. man that was cutting.. i'm just thinking "these guys
are some of the godfathers of modern alternative rock..
heaps of the bands who are here right now might not be if
it weren't for these guys"... any way.. I thought they
rocked. They put alot into their show. A very big come-back
effort. hmm at the moment I am feeling somewhat empty. This
whole Gab thing has taken the biggest bite out of my heart.
Sometimes it's like my soul has been torn.. it almost feels
like a physical pain. But it comes and goes so quickly it
leaves me feeling more confused than anything, and then i
just remember that i want her to be happy. And it makes me
smile and feel better about myself.. and i forget it for a
few hours before it comes back again. THE END.