What it's like to be sucks..
2001-09-26 07:56:50 (UTC)

Going Home

I'm going home on Friday. I feel really bad saying it, but
I'm extremely excited. I can't wait to get there: to sleep
in my bed in my own room, to shower and not wear shoes in
there, to eat my mom's cooking, to DRIVE!!

I miss everyone there. I miss my mom and dad, and Donny,
and...sorta Joe. I miss my aunts and uncles and cousins.
I miss RAY and CHRIS!!!!!! OMG, and I miss my friends.
The only one I'll see will be Kathie-Erin, my Buddy. She
is totally and absolutely my best friend. I know Tricia's
her best friend, so I won't tell her: I don't wanna make
her uncomfortable. But I connect with her on a totally
personal level. She and I are both very insecure and
mellow, laid-back, and we have the same sense of humor.

I met this girl down the hall named Angie. She seems
really cool. I really like her. She came in one time when
Jenn was on the phone and we talked for a long time. That
was cool.

I miss Clay!!!!! I almost never see him anymore. Chris is
in love with Jenn, so he basically told him not to come to
our room anymore. I love Clay. What the fuck?!

Chris is really pissing me off. He wants me to tell Jenn
to get rid of her boyfriend, Steve. I was like Fuck you,
Chris! He comes in here and we joke around and stuff,
which is cool...but sometimes he's a jackass. He asked me
which one of his friends I thought was the cutest, so I
said Alan, and he's like Okay, I'll hook you up with Alan.
did to deserve him, but I'm sorry!!!!!

But Alan is really hot.

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