Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2001-09-26 07:55:19 (UTC)

Bittersweet Dreams...

Tonight I sleep alone, again... Tis been sort of event that has
passed me by... Feels odd, really... But I feel, well, better... Being
lonely is not a bad thing, nor is being alone for that matter, but, i

Funny thing. Spelling, how bizarre, I can't spell anymore, kind of
funny really. I was one of the better spellers all the way through
school up to grade 10, hell, i even corrected a teacher once.
Came with my mother being a Prof at one of the local university's
I guess, having to sit in her classes as she taught them, and
being scolded for being disruptive... Perhaps I even paid
attention to some of the courses she taught.... Might explain my
interests, Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, and Film... It's
not often that I give credit, where it is due, one of my flaws I
guess. I do, really appreciate my friends, they ground me, keep
me somewhat sane....

Alone tonight. Again. Where is my demon woman with her
chains? Where is my angel with her guidance? Where is my
princess, my mistress, my goddess, my bestest of friends?

Where art thou, my sweet Ambrosia?

Wasting away, somewhere no doubt. Wailing in a cacophony of
tears, ranting to the earless world, contemplating... something.
someone... somewhere alone in a dark corner.... If only I were
there, to calm her, wipe away the sadness...

I yearn, I burn, I wax poetic far more than I should... But that is
who I am, the lone voice in the crowded shadows of existance,
seeking but one to listen, even two or more... Oh, but it is lonely
in a crowd...

Actually, I'm not sure what I feel right now, I don't think I am in
touch with all of my feelings, some yes, others no, how can I be
expected to anyway? I am human, a human who would like a
companion on these cold lonetly nights....

What a beast I am...

Tame me, I beg of you....

If nothing else...

Free me...

Lux et umbra vicissim, sed semper amor....

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