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2001-09-26 07:36:09 (UTC)

What a day

Well, I woke up today at around 2:50pm, and guess what?! I
had to be at work by 3. So I was like freaking out. So I
was late to work, of course, and policy is, if you're late,
you don't get your free meal. Well, I was pissed, cause I
had to work 9 hours today, and I was gonna starve. But
George, one of my managers, felt bad, so he gave me the
free food under his name. So that was cool. Then, right
after my break, they put me on back drive thru. I've never
been on back drive thru, so I was way nervous. But they
assured me that it wasn't gonna be busy sense it was
Tuesday, and we're "really slow." Well, THEY WERE WRONG!.
We got slammed. Then this one girl come in and pays me
$8.02 in all quarters, dimes and nickels, so that had the
times way high for like a half an hour, because of the line
that built up while we were waiting for her. She was at my
window for at least 5 minutes. And it was about that time
when I started getting impatient and irratable. But the
good thing was I was only 2 cents off from a perfect
drawer, which is good for a first time back there. It gets
crazy trying to take orders and take money at the same
time. But I got the hang of it pretty good, so overall I
did alright.
Grady is starting to freak me out a little bit. Somehow he
kind of knows what I do, when I don't even tell him. Like
the other day when I went to the movies, I hadn't wrote
about it anywhere or told him, and then he asks me "seen
any movies lately?" I asked him about it, and he said he
was just trying to make conversation. Alright on that one,
people go to the movies, nice way of starting a
conversation I guess. But then, he sends me this package in
the mail. And not but an hour later, I get online to check
my mail, and there was an email from him saying that he was
glad I got my package, and that he was happy that I liked
it. I checked my mail before I did anything, so there was
no way that he could've known that I got it. Little bit
freaky! I mean, I'm not saying he's psycho or anything,
cause he's not, he's a great guy, I just want to know how
he's knowing so much about things I don't tell him.
Randall, a guy that I work with, asked me to work for him
on Saturday so that he could go to Homecoming. I was
supposed to be off on Saturday, but I agreed to do it. But
I'm already almost at overtime, so now on Thursday, I only
work from 11 to 3:30, and Randall will work the rest of my
shift from that day. Shitty thing is though that I have to
close on Saturday. I was really looking forward to getting
it off, because I close Friday night too. So I close a
total of 3 times this week. One down, two to go. But who
knows, maybe I'll hit exactly 40 hours, so that'll be cool.
Hopefully, they're gonna need me to stay longer, that way I
can make up my breaks, and get those counted into my hours.
Here's hoping.
Well, I'm way exhausted. I'm starting to get kinda
nauseated so I'm gonna go. Good thing I'm off tomorrow!
I'll update later.
Love, Shelby