Writings On The Wall
2001-09-26 07:13:55 (UTC)


Ok so I am reading other people's diaries and man, I can
relate. There is a girl who que se ha forzado tener sexo
con el novio de su madre desde que ella tenía 2 años!!!
That is sick. I have a friend who was sexually abused as a
child and he luckily has worked through it.

My day has been blah. "Same shit, differen day." as
Paulette would say. I'm happy though, because I signed on
my 2nd SN and Ms. Watson was on. We talked for a while and
took a lil stroll down memory lane. It was fun. Sad news,
though, she has Lupus. ThriveOnline defines Lupus as: A
kidney disorder that is a complication of systemic lupus
erythematosus, characterized by damage to the glomerulus
and progressive loss of kidney function. Gawd! The poor
woman can't catch a fucking break! She had to have
that "women's" surgery, her daughter gets in a car wreck,
she has severe asthma and allergies, ... she always seems
sick! Let the woman have time to breathe for fuck sake!
(*Side note* SERIOUSLY, if it weren't for her I wouldn't
have graduated high school. She means a lot to me and she
is a good friend. I love her a lot.)

Might be going with Jovian to SG Friday night to meet
Heather. Or it might be Loni and Tina, I dunno. I might not
even go anywhere Friday, who knows. I hope I do though cuz
I want a steak! I have been craving steak for like a week
and a half now. I want to go to Hops and get a steak. Or
maybe to Beef O's for some wings. Man, I'm making myself
hungry! Better stop.

I see I am in the mania state right now. I don't think I
will be going to sleep any time soon, and I woke up like 4
hours early today. Insomniolepsy. I want someone to talk to
on here. the only people that are on right now are not good
conversation. Carmen's off, Loni's off... Grrr! Maybe I
need to go into Yahoo chats again. Those are interesting.
Ah yes, yahoo. OH! I met Justin's new "friend" today. He's
a goth type. He was wearing boots that came up to the
bottom of his knees and they had like a 4" heel. They went
to see "Glitter". I didn't feel like going even though it
has the queen - Mariah Carey in it. My all time favorite
singer. I bet it was a good movie, but Justin probably
doesn't know because they probably made out the whole time.

I want some beer. Smirnoff Ice, please? A case of it! With
a steak and some chicken wings!! My thought patterns are
deminishing. OH if anyone wants a free short phone call to
anywhere in the US call 1-800-555-TELL. It's only like 2
minutes but it's enough time to say "I just called to say
hi and I love you." That's what I use it for. And if you
want a good thing to DL MP3s with go to .

I dunno what else to write so Imma go for now

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