Fuzzy thoughts
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2003-02-18 07:20:27 (UTC)

I'm obviously insane

I managed to catch this lovely little chest cold last
night. I went to a movie - felt fine when it started, had
this nasty rattling cough when I left. I will never
understand how I manage to get sick so fast. So what I
really need to do is take a nice steamy bath and go to bed
early, but is that what I do? Heck no. Do I stay up
because I need to finish the homework for that nasty class
I have tomorrow? Of course not! No, instead I let my
friend (who I shall call 'Ren' because I don't want him to
chew my head off for using names here) drag me to his
apartment after anime club for tea and . . . more anime?
Bleh, I feel so pathetic! Not to mention exhausted and
miserable, and thus more pathetic because I know it's my
own fault.

On a random tangent, I met Ren this summer when we ended up
in a class together. The class involved a week of
classroom work and a week of travel for fieldwork. It was
a small class, I got to know everyone pretty well after a
week in a van. Ren, however, was the one who decided to
test my limits by threatening to sleep on the foot of my
bed one night. I, being who I am, decided to test
his limits by doing nothing to prevent him. He was
still there in the morning, complaining quite loudly (and
unjustifiably, I believe) that I had kicked him in the
head. We were obviously destined to be friends.

I blame the cold on my mother. She never gets sick, and
when she does she stubbornly denies beings sick until she
gets over it, at which point she says, "See, all I have to
do is think positively and I don't get sick!" I love Mom.
Any road, as a result of my dear mother's mule-headedness
when it comes to her health, it always confuses my whole
world when she admits to being sick.

Not only did she admit to being sick last night, but she
called ME for advice! I seriously think the shock of it
threw my immune system over the edge. "KJ," she said in
this horrible raspy voice, "I have this awful sore throat,
I'm so sick. What should I take for it?" This seriously
disturbed me for some reason. I am just a student, and
frustratingly insecure about what limited knowledge I have
managed to retain. Besides, this is my mom, for crying out
loud! She always knew the answers to these questions when
I was a kid! What's up? I half suspect that she does it
just to make me feel important - KJ the future pharmacist,
so amazing that her own mother won't take a Tylenol without
a full consultation. It's the sort of thing my mom would
do, intentional or not. Or maybe it's just an excuse to
check up on me, since she's so worried about calling too
often and being the overbearing mother type. No matter how
many times I explain to her that I love her and want to
hear from her and have enough trouble remembering to look
up from my homework long enough to eat, let alone phone
anyone - no matter how many times I tell her, she still
worries. She's so cute.

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