2001-09-26 06:43:09 (UTC)


OK. So here it goes. This is my first entry and well,
something about me to let y'all know...I'm a female aged 17
this year, still schooling in a secondary's my
final year...YES!!!Tell you the truth, I hate school! My
school sucks big time...I don't like the teachers and
studying BUT because I need to go to a very good college
next year, I gotta study hard...So today I went to school
and I'm in the middle of my trial exam...urghh!!!hate's quite hard as the subjects today are maths, art
and commerce. I suck at maths...I mean I can't answer all
the questions given...Well, at least it's over for today
but still, I gotta study for tommorrow...I did not saw my
CRUSH today at school...but nevermind then, I might had
lost interest on him now...I have no idea why. Maybe he is
not interested in me and....I dunno....this sucks, man!
So...I'll be updating you soon but it takes time cos I'm so
busy right now.....gotta go...