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2003-02-18 07:04:07 (UTC)

Nikkie's Odessa/Flik Complex

End of the day, what a nice day! All of my classes but math
were canceled, and I just didn't go to math. Thank you
snow! Had a good time hanging out and relaxing! Now that
I've finished Geddoe's quest of Suikoden 3, I'm putting the
game to the side for a bit, and starting up an old classic:
The original Suikoden! Lately I've been on this huge
Odessa/Flik kick. My problem being that there just isn't
enough fan fiction out there about them! So sad! I'm going
through the first game for Heather, because I think she'll
really like Odessa and Flik... Heather is big into the
ideal that if you truly love someone and they kick the
bucket, you should either die to be with them or never love
again. I'm almost inspired to write my own story about
them, but it's been a very long time since I've played...

I'll keep searching. Maybe... MAYBE if I get desperate. I
try to avoid fan fiction... I feel like I can't do the
characters I love justice. But... Suikoden is so wretchedly
horrible about tying up romance!! I mean... Suikoden 3...
NO RESOLUTION! I mean, I KNOW what's coming, but... I get
no fanservice! So sad! Perhaps I'll have to supply my
own... but for now I continue searching.

If only would beHAVE!