The Sexy Blonde
2003-02-18 06:12:06 (UTC)

Sex In The Morning

Jose and I had some really great sex on Thursday night,
Friday morning, Friday night, Friday morning, Saturday
night, and Sunday night at his house, and Monday morning
here at my house. This morning was great butt quick because
he liked the way I was shaking my ass. Okay, this is not a
porn diary. BACK TO MY LIFE!
I could believe this..
Friday night...Jose called me and told me he wasn't going
to take me out on Valentines Day! I just broke out in
tears, and I told him I would call him back, and I hung up
the phone and raced to the bathroom where I puked my guts
out! I could not believe I heard those words from his
mouth, that voice. Well, it sucked because I was already
dressed up, make up on, and hair done. Well, I dressed in
some sweats, and he came and picked me up. We went to bed.
Saturday was much better, yeah....
He told me he was going to make it up for not taking me out
on V-Day. So as soon as he got home we started getting
ready. I was almost complete, just putting on my heels, and
putting on the last finishing touches, and he tells me that
his parents are coming to dinner with us. I just stare at
him, and ask why? He was like blahh blahh blahh, and I was
upset but we went out anyway. So we went to On The Border,
we waited far too long, so we left and went to La Flor De
Jalisco. He ate there, and then we dropped his parents off
and went to Loews theater. I choose the movie, we watched
Deliver Us From Eva. It was a great movie. The Sunday came
along and we didn't do anything that day really..so I slept
over again and he took me home this, we had some great
sex...*sex is soo good when your doing it with someone who
knows what they are doing*, he went to work and I worked on
the house, cleaning and stuff, then my mom came home,and I
cooked papas con huevos, then I am on here now!
Well, have a great day!
God Bless You!