My Gay Misadventures
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2003-02-18 05:59:16 (UTC)

Why most people on this site, suck

Well, Just out of boredom, i decided to search other Logs
people wrote. and I found that 95% of the dorks here are
all depressed. "My life sucks" "No one loves me" "I woke up
with a dirty condom on my face"....GET OVER IT YOU DEAD
BEATS! Sheesh!...I swear just fuckin jump off da Brooklyn
Bridge and be done with it! And aim for a boat too, I dont
wanna risk your sorry ass somehow surviving the waters
impact...its too soft, go down with a splat, the press will
love ya....On a brighter note, The Nyquil I took earlier is
kickin in, and I Super, thanks for asking.

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