Adarious Mistdancer

Mistdancer's Parchment
2001-09-26 06:08:35 (UTC)


Today seemed like any other day. Woke up and smoked my
last 3 camel cigarrettes, fooling myself into thinking I
could go the rest of the day without smoking in my so-far
futile attempt at quitting. I played on Randy's
Playstation2 - Legends of the Dragoon .. an awesome game.
I played that till about 5:30 pm that day and then got a
shower in. AThen I cleaned my basement room among other
things with fair speed...getting in even better spirits as
I went.
After cleaning I went over to Joe's, the neighbor
nearby. He as usual gave me a cigarrette (and more during
the course of my visit), and a beer. We sat and "shot the
shit" as usual. Unlike usual however, we had a rather
lengthly and continuous conversation. First we talked
about the previous night's GreenBay Packer Football
game...which kicked ass... won against Washington Redskins
and flattened them, with the score ending at 37/0
Packers/Redskins. After a fight on the field, several
personal fowls, multiple interceptions, etc...the best
being in the last 2 mins of the game when the final
touchdown was made.
Then we talked about his job and how his day had gone,
I asked many questions about the job to see if I could
handle it, the random drug testing put a damper on things
but is really no biggie. After that we talked about his
friend Scott. I briefly mentioned my failure to stop
smoking too. Towards the end of the conversation he gave
me a coupon for a free pack of pall mall cigarrettes. I
finished my second and final beer for the night and left as
Scott called. I came home briefly, signed the coupon in
his name and then set off to redeem it. The nearby gas
station wouldn't do it..the assholes. I ended up walking
all the way down to Woodman's grocery to do it. I was
almost out of there with them...only I didn't have the tax
money. So I walked all the way back fuming. Joe was still
on his porch and I got a marb from him, as I told him what
happened. Then I bid him goodnight and came back home.
After telling Randy about it during a brief intermission of
his mirc roleplay of Vampire the Masquerade, he gave me a
quarter and I took my 'bike' back to Woodman's. The ride
was great and I flew like the wind. I went in there and
got the smokes, then left. Came home and watched Randy
awhile longer... then went and watched Heather-his
girlfriend...playing the game I had been playing all day.
Finally after she went to the store I'd recently returned
from, I came and got on the puter.
I logged into my email to check it as it
had been a few days. Two msgs from Julie which turned out
to be none too pleasant. 1 or 2 from mom, and 1 from my
brother Joey. I then turned my attention to to
search for Lion King merchandise. Several OK shirts and a
few sweet ones including another of the White sweatshirts I
own. Also many really sweet Nala plushies I would love!
Then of course I came here after checking out the Ionic
Toothbrush which I intend to get.