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2003-02-18 05:12:01 (UTC)

Second Place = HELL YA

Okay, so maybe we didn't win our basketball game tonight
but you know what? Our team kicked ass anyway. They all
played really good and I'm really proud of them! This was
for sure the best game we've played all season (not to
mention our last :S). So ya, if any of you guys are
reading this, just know that I had a great time with you
guys this year and good luck in basketball next year!!!

Anywho, so now that that's off the hook, it's time for
some negative input. there isn't too much but hey, I like
to complain!

This morning was kind of a wreck. I was really grumpy to
start out with mostly because I went to sleep early last
night then my stupid body decides that it wants to wake up
at 5 am and not let me sleep anymore. After that, I spent
like 20 minutes scraping ice of the windshield of my car
then I'm late for school and get another one of Mr. Toth's
late speeches (we all know how those go). He's got the
biggest stick up his butt when it comes to lates. He told
me I should stop blaming others for my lateness or some
crap like that. I really hate him these days. GRRRRRR

As far as teachers go, I'm about ready to kill Ms. Burgher
too. Rosetta can back me up on that one. She's a really
good teacher and all but she has really crappy rules! I
hate this automatic zero for lates thing. I know that it's
gonna happen to us all in University but are we there yet?
hell no! Plus on top of that she just gives too much damn
work. Like, come on, this is drama... drama = acting,
acting = fun! Work is most definitely not fun. I won't
even get started on these journal things we have to write
every week. If I could write my honest opinion like I do
on here then maybe I'd like it more but my entries might
not be too suitable for school use. Damnation!

Umm I think that's as far as negativity goes for today I


I got two shining brightly's. That's gotta count for
something!!! Haha, I got one for History (amazingly I have
an 89 in that class. I thought I was almost failing) and
one in English. Hooray.

I had a great valentine's day for the most part. Hehe, my
sweetheart boyfriend bought be a yellow rose and that
pretty much made my day. I was very happy. Thank you!! :)
Plus the dance wasn't as shabby as I thought it would be.
I had a pretty good time. Haha, me and Jordan got married.
That was pretty amusing. Highly enjoyable I tell ya :D

Hmm, what else.... I got my learner's in the mail today
and my picture isn't too shabby. I got it taken right
after basketball practice so you can just imagine how
brutal I must have looked but it turned out decent.
Hooray. Now, I just have to convince my dad that I'm a
good enough driver to drive on city roads. He seems to be
under the delusion that I need to go on gravel roads
before city when in reality gravel roads are much more
dangerous and everybody knows it! Oh well, I've got like 8
months till I get my actual license so whatever, I've got

Well I guess that's about all I can write for today so
maybe I'll write sometime in the future... if I remember.
Well it's not like anyone really reads my diary anyway so
it won't really hurt anyone if I didn't write. :P Well
anyways, bye y'all!