Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-18 05:08:10 (UTC)

a day of nothing

i didnt have class today, i didnt work either. instead i
spent the day doing nothing at all. thats not true, i did
shovel half the driveway. i think im getting sick. ive got
that familiar tickle in the back of my throat that you get
whenever you are about to have a nasty one.
my day was pretty nice after the weekend i had, god awful
is the best way to describe it. if i never ever work with
that woman again, let alone see her. it will be to soon.
tomorrow i have c . i spent most of the night tonight
pounding out three programs i will need for that class, i
had to make a program thats drew a square, a rectangle, and
a triangle. im not enjoying this programming course as much
as i would have hoped. its not hard for me, i can do it
with my eyes closed basically, im just not feeling this for
some reason. i think its because i have thoughts of bloom
floating in the back of my head. who knows really. im out