The Nightshade Princess
2003-02-18 04:54:50 (UTC)


There has been very little about which I could have
written lately. No emotional epiphanies have found their
way into my heart. My love and I are still together, but
not seeing much of each other. This evening, it was
partially my fault. There was a great famine in the house
of Midnight. I searched but found no food that seemed
palatable. I would rather eat nothing than eat something
unappetizing. In fact, I'm almost incapable of doing so,
as my stomach immediately registers nausia, thereby making
consumption unthinkable. This is yet another reason I hate
food, but I digress. Clark again called and offered to
cook my mother and I dinner, and I went. You see, Andy was
supposed to get back to me eventually with news as to
whether or not we were going to go out this evening.
Finally, I left a message on his machine and told him to
call my cell phone, as I could be out. Within half an
hour, I get a call from him, telling me that, no, we
weren't going out, but that we could still be together at
one of our houses. As food was almost done cooking, I told
him I'd call him back when I was done, which ended up being
8pm, with his mother going to bed at 9. Getting together
would be impossible. I was at Clark's until 10ish, when my
mother found herself extremely sleepy and we went home.
Tomorrow, I have a chance to see Andrew, but judging
exclusively on our current luck, it seems doubtful. I'm
going now, readers, having said nothing important at all,
yet doing so with a great many words. I sound like
a 'tard. Goodnight.