Industrial D0lly

Sucker Love is heaven sent
2001-02-25 02:49:13 (UTC)

Falling in love is awfully..

Falling in love is awfully simple, falling out of love is
simply awful. Right now I feel like a shadow in the darkest
night, passing through, just looking for a simple ray of
light. Live life fully, haha. not by myself. They say there
are so many people who want to meet me? meet me? Raging
fires burn in my head, I can't think anymore. Shouts ring
out like glass piercing my soul.. the bells ring my soul
bleeds out. My life, everything a stormy sea of black.. no
life blood red. I search for shelter in the demons I call
friends. Laying on my pillow my tears burn my cheeks and
skin. I live a life of sin. I will let my soul bleed, I
will free myself. Nobody killed me, they let me die

Sincerely Jennifer

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