Nocturnal Emissions:Chronic Insomniac
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2001-09-26 05:51:20 (UTC)

She's Baaaaaacckkk!

Hello fellow insomniacs.It has been some time since I've made an entry in my diary.If you read my first entry it told you that if I missing any entries it would be due to the fact that I was in the hospital.Well,guess what? That's exactly what happened.I got all stressed about the collapsing of the World Trade Center because my aunt worked there.I found out later that evening that she made it out and is ok,THANK GOD!!!!!!!
Plus,I was got some bad news from the "man in my life" and I found out that my dad had a stroke.I don't deal well with stressful situations and it made me sick.I just got home last night from the hospital.I was too tired to make an entry last night so please forgive me.
I hope that these words find you all in the best of health.My heart and prayers go out to the countless number of Americans who have lost loved ones to such a cowardly,stupid and horrific CRIME.
BUT,I must say this....It's a SHAME that it had to take an act of mass destruction for us to become ONE! Everyone is showing their patriotism and loving their fellow man.Why could we not do this before innocent lives were lost??? I hope and pray that we REMAIN ONE.
One thing that I've learned from this tragic event is that LIFE IS SHORT AND FLEETING AT BEST.MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT AS THOUGH IT WERE YOUR LAST.One day it will be!!! I find myself being content in whatever state that I am in.Even in pain,I'm glad to be alive to feel that pain.
There once was a time when I didn't care whether I lived or died.I would always say "if I don't wake up tomorrow,it will be fine with me",but not any more I love my life,no matter how screwed up it is, it's my LIFE. I never want to take anything for granted ever again and I repent daily for not thanking GOD for the life that I was given.
Parents have lost thier children,husbands and wives have lost their spouses,children have lost their parents,sister and brothers have lost siblings.In the case of the flights that crashed,whole families are lost.
I can't even begin to imagine what these people are going through.Let us offer a prayer for all of these people and for our political leaders.For as it stands now,war is eminent.And just as sure as this war is fought,casualties will be great in number.Let's pray for all of the military personnel who are bravely putting their lives on the line to end terrorism.We,as Americans owe them AT LEAST THAT.
GOD bless America! Heaven help us ALL!

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