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Shitty Life Of A Teen
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2001-09-26 05:39:06 (UTC)

bad week

ok well i havent wrote in here for awhile, been busy. got
into school, i hate my teacher she blames everything on me.
umm...... oh still talking to tonia and her kids. i hate
star so bad right now if i could find her and she would
talk to me i would beat her ass, oh man im so pissed at her
he has been lieing about me and sence i found out she wont
talk to me man i would pay for someone to kick her ass
cause i cant, MAN!!!! im so pissed just thinking about
it!!!! well ok lets see what has been going riht this
week?? nothing, nothing at all everything for the last
month has been shit nothing has went right. ok well im
going now, just thought i woul write in here cause i keep
getting those lame letter "reminder from your diray" ok so
im writeing now but leaveing