Screaming Cathedrals
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2001-09-26 05:35:15 (UTC)


Well today Jon and I didn't have to work. He's been staying
here at my parent's house this week. They're out of town
and he doesn't have anywhere to stay just yet. We're still
waiting to see if this housing authority thing goes
through. We mostly just sat around and goofed off on the
net all day... and then we went to kidnap Stephanie and
take her to IHOP with us (we've made IHOP our hang out
spot. )
We have these two friends... Stephanie and Ryan.. and
they're in the same situation as us.. they really like
eachother lots.. but Steph and I both just got out of a
long and strenious relationship... and while we both like
Ryan and Jon lots.. we don't want to fuck things up without
giving ourselves some "off" time. And Ryan and Jon are both
kinda stuck in the middle... and while they agree with us..
they don't always understand us.... because well.. you'd
just have to be around to know.
So we've all just started hanging out lots.
So.. anyway.. we got Steph (she lives near me) and went to
IHOP.. and called Ryan and left him a message with his mom
to meet us there.. and I don't think he got it. We saw him
drive by looking for us.. but I don't think he saw us.
Tomorrow we'll probably go there again.. which sucks
because we're all broke. hehe.
We need a better hang out spot that doesn't cost money.
Well.. that's all for tonight. Nothing else really
eventful. As always... I'm falling deeper for Jon every
day. But.. like I always say.. we'll see.

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