2003-02-18 03:24:13 (UTC)

So Valentines Day was so great..

So Valentines Day was so great - it was the best one I've
ever had.
We had a class, then he took me shopping at Macy's and I
got some stuf. Then we took his Mom lunch and that was the
low point of the day cus just when we got there, Caroline
was there with FAT UGLY FUCKING CUNT Diana. Anyway then we
dyed my hair (PINK SOOO PINK the pinkest it's ever been)
but just part of it some is still black and its so cute...
and its getting all long... yay for that... and then we
went to the beach, and we ate at the cutest Italian
restaurant, it was the cutest little family owned place
with this kick ass guy singing kick ass songs and it was
all candles and roses and happiness.
And then we went out on the beach and it was soo beautiful
the best night the sky was like perfectly clear except for
this circle of clouds around the moon and we named these
two stars after us and we took pictures and laid there and
talked and talked and talked and it was the best day ever.

Anyway. I just got out of class and I'm so frustrated
because our biology teacher is all "rah rah rah work in
groups, share with people" and im like NO. I didnt learn
how to WORK IN GROUPS when I was in kindergarten and they
pulled that shit on me, and I'm not fucking interested in
learning how to do it now. Stupid fucking kid in our group
was so fucking slow and irritating and we got out 30
minutes later then we should have cus he was an idiot...
and I'm like PLEASE, just let me come to the class I'm
paying out the ass for and do my work and learn what I'm
supposed to be learning and then go home. Its honestly
hard enough to work with Matt sometimes, not like hes dumb
or anything but I dont LIKE working with people...

Anyway... Carolines such a bitch. I dont know if I wrote
about our little "You got kicked out of that club" speech.
But fuck her. Who the fuck is she?
Cus I had this really sweet cute picture of these two girls, and shes
like "you dont have the right to have that" or whatever cus "You got
kicked out of that club." WHO the FUCK is SHE to tell ME what I like
and dont like? Because I'm with Matt? Does she not know me at all?
Because thats pretty sad. EVERYONE whos EVER known me or even barely
known me knows that that kid is the love of my life --- maybe its not
good sometimes or maybe its how its meant to be or maybe not but
THATS HOW IT IS - It's ALWAYS been him. Yet if I see 10 hot people
in a day, 9 of them if not all 10 are girls. I dont LIKE boys. I
think boys are stupid fucking assholes that I have no interest in
dealing with. So fuck her, she was like "You defined yourself by
who you chose to be with" What the fuck? I really think what she
meant was that if I wanted HIM and not HER then I MUST not like
girls. Whatever shes a fucking idiot, I dont have to fucking prove
shit to her just cus shes living with that fat piece of trash slut
who's turning her into the same exact thing. Come out of the bitter
barn and play in the fucking hay, man. FUCK OFF.

Other than that. Whatever. Dawn called me at 330 AM drunk the other
day. Im so over all that. I feel like everything kids my age and
OLD, WHY DONT YOU FUCKING GROW UP) are doing, Ive done it and Im
over it.... its useless. It gets you nowhere. And it makes you look
stupid. I dont know.

Anyway. I'm going to bed now.