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2001-09-26 02:24:44 (UTC)

It is war - appointments took all day

Appointments took all day. I think I'm with things to do
of other people than me. I haven't time for friends and
wasted time with foes. They like to infiltrate among my
friends just to waste my time. I will start in war to
warranty my right for life, freedom and friends.
I will pratice with tennis balls. The friend balls I will
grab the toughs I will defeat against wall.
Tonight I see a very older friend. I couldn't see her
since teen. I talk to every people I know even ten years
past. So it was easy to talk to her. I say hello and she
thumbs up.
I will be back to some course to be more tender to friends.
I need to be independent myself. No problem to depend of
a society but a independent personal plan for me would be
Based in previous diary entries I see I lost something and
I didn't notice.
It is a new day with new chances unique. Maybe some soft
sunlight makes me good because Springer came. To be rich
not only of bags of beans is better. I will make new
merchandising and be pratice than dreamer. It would support
better my friends.