Yet Another Average Diary
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2003-02-18 02:47:13 (UTC)

My GOSH you're funny..

I was listening to the radio and a commercial for NyQuill
came up. I luff that commerical..

ANYHOW.. I'm online.. again.. No surprise there. I found
out that the 2nd Harry Potter movie is coming out April 11.
Damn, that's early compared to the first one. Anyhow, I
have to get it.

Okay, see? I can be happy! I don't want to be bitchy.
I think I should start a "HORMONES SUCK" club. yeah, that'd
be awesome. Then get all the depressed fuckers out there
and have them join and we can shrink ourselves and
KEEEEELLL all them stupid depressed hormones.

ANYHOW. My sister's reading my diary. I linked her to it.
I'm gonna tell her to go back so she can read this one.
Hehe. HI LAUREN! I LOVE YOU!! ;D I know you're phreeked out
by my entries, but, eruhm (hehe my new word), i love you?
lol YEAH. I'm talking to Nate. Yeah. Mhm. Yepo. Eruhm.
Lauren............ HI. ;D HINT HINT? lmao ..... jk don't
annoy him about it... =

OKAY! Moving on! In other news.. o.o;; Well, in other news,
eruhm, I'm bored out of my MIND! I'm learning to accept
things about my life. God must hate me.. Seriously. O.o; =
Yeah. I'm gonna get over it. I'M GETTING OVER IT, OKAY!?
All righty. Yeah.... My mom's asleep or screwing her
boyfriend. O.o;; BAD IMAGE!!
-= Fin =-

P.S. If you come across this, Aussie, I'm stealing
your "Fin" idea. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY! lmao ;D